Terms And Conditions of Manufacturing, Sale, Installation & Guarantee

The term ADG herein refers to & includes; Alcatraz Driveway Gates & Fencing (PTY) Ltd, it’s agent/s, staff, and management.
1)  ONE YEAR  guarantee against any defect applies to all materials, workmanship and equipment supplied & installed by ADG. This guarantee does Not Apply to accidental or malicious damage, nor if any repairs are carried out by any other company, or the effects of the weather on coated, painted, or varnished surfaces & products. Painted steel and Coated timber products should be regularly maintained by yourselves, or by arrangement with ADG, as severity of weather from one location to the next can greatly influence the longevity of the sealant / coating.

2)   Upon commencement of installation we will require access to an electrical socket for power for our machinery, and access to water as may be required per your particular installation, planting of posts in concrete, cement, etc.

3)  Although extreme care & experience is always applied during installations, ADG expressly does not assume any responsibility nor liability for any loss or damage of and by whatsoever nature, whether at time of installation, or at any time in the future as a result thereof, including but not limited to any damage to any walled and/or underground water pipes and/or electrical cables, painted surfaces, windows, doors, tiles, and/or walling which cracks or chips during drilling and installation.

4)  Neatness, alignment and efficiency of installation is greatly affected by how accurately flat & square surfaces & corners are, to and within which  burglar proofing & gates must be secured, as applicable, and in such situations where these are so badly out of proportion, ADG shall at it’s sole discretion do whatever it deems necessary to fit & ensure secure anchoring of items to be installed. In the event that it may be necessary/ prudent to grind/chisel surfaces/corners to facilitate installation, ADG shall paint these should you have matching paint. ADG reserves the right to alter dimensions and designs as deemed necessary during manufacturing & installation.

5)  It is a strict condition that there is absolutely no guarantee, express or implied, and not withstanding anything to the contrary that may have been said nor construed, that installed items inter alia gates, fencing, motor, intercom systems etc can not be stolen / removed, as thieves devise ingenious ways of doing so. ( Crowbar gangs”, etc). It is up to the client / property owner to ensure that such and all  items are adequately insured against theft and damage.

6)  By acceptance of the quotation and/or payment of the deposit as per the Payment Terms within the quotation agreement, the Client warrants that he/she has full legal rights and entitlement to enter into the transaction, whether or not he/she owns or leases the installation premises, and also where such Client acts on behalf of a company or 3rd party, and thereby warrants and accepts that the transaction, and any payments which are due in terms thereof, is personally binding on the Client, as well as said 3rd party.

7)  Irrespective of any monetary deposit which may have been advanced in terms of the Payment Terms above, ALL items supplied and installed remains the property of ADG until paid for in full, and ADG may at it’s own discretion & time schedule remove any or all items in the event of any dispute and/or non-payment of any amount/s due.  In the event that access for removal of the items cannot be arranged as per ADG's schedule, ADG will have the right to remove such items by climbing over such fencing and or gates supplied & installed, & since, by default of payment, it had been installed and is owned by ADG anyway, to facilitate removal of such items.

8)  Due to the nature of gates, fencing, & burglar barriers manufacturing, all such items are custom manufactured for accurate fitting as per the particular location dimensions, etc., and highly unlikely to fit elsewhere without modifications. As a result, any cancellation of orders after commencement of manufacturing will carry a 30% cancellation fee of the total quoted price. A cancellation fee of 5% applies if manufacturing has not begun.

9)  All galvanizing and powder coating shall be out-sourced to reputable companies conforming to strict standards. ADG does not accept any responsibility nor liability for the quality of such coatings, nor for longevity of coatings, which may be affected by the weather. Per items that have been ordered for colour coating only, though these may well be installed indoors or areas protected from the elements, be advised that the ultimate in anti-rust treatment is galvanising, then colour coating.

10)  Installation schedules are occasionally hampered due to inclement weather, undue delays in receiving completed work from the galvanising and powder-coating factories, and also receipt of approved plans from the local building authorities, where applicable. ADG shall be in regular contact with you regarding the progress of your order, and to confirm start of installation date, access to premises, & availability of water &electricity outlets, if required, for installation to be effected.

11) Boundary fencing may require plans to be drafted and submitted to the local authority for approval, further discussions in this regard may be necessary before proceeding with the project.                         

With Complete Dedication To Mutual Satisfaction, We Strive For A Mutually Beneficial Transaction.